Proftpd Buffer overflow CVE-2019-18217

A buffer overflow vulnerability has been found in Proftpd

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A buffer overflow vulnerability has been found in the popular File Transfer Protocol.
Proftpd has been actively used since 1997 and has been the default
ftp server daemon in several operating systems for several years.

Affected systems

  • Proftpd versions prior to 1.3.6b

The vulnerability has been given the CVE of CVE-2019-18217.



    if (cmd_buflen < 0) {
      if (errno == E2BIG) {
        /* The client sent a too-long command which was ignored; give
         * them another chance?

A specially crafted package can create an infinite loop caused by
not validating the length of too commands.
This will cause an allocation which could potentially lead to a remote code execution.
Most likely a successful exploitation of this will lead to the program
taking up too much CPU power and being killed by the host operating

You can read the issues that was created in github regarding this in the
following link:

Vulnerable hosts

shodan proftpd

A simple shodan search displays over one million hosts running proftpd.

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