oracle flexcube vulnerabilities

Several vulnerabilities was found in Oracle’s banking platform flexcube

Firo Solutions oracle flexcube vulnerabilities


Oracle has released a security advisory with a bunch of
vulnerabilities and CVE’s.
Our system picked this up and while looking closer at the
vulnerabilities several vulnerabilities for Oracle’s banking
software solutions for private banks called flexcube.
Flexcube is used by several global banks.
Flexcube private banking


  • CVE-2020–2724
  • CVE-2020–2723
  • CVE-2020–2722
  • CVE-2020–2721
  • CVE-2020–2720
  • CVE-2020–2700
  • CVE-2020–2699
  • CVE-2020–2685
  • CVE-2020–2684
  • CVE-2020–2683

Interesting CVE’s


This vulnerability allows a unauthenticated third party with network access to the HTTP interface to compromise
FLEXCUBE’s Investor Servicing which is a handles mutual funds, hedge funds and unit-linked insurance products.
The vulnerability allows a unauthenticated third party to have read access to sensitive data as well as
updating, inserting or deleting access to Investors Servicing’s data.


A successful exploitation of this will lead to an third party
having read access to sensitive data.
A proper implementation of these systems would be to put these
systems on private networks behind firewalls and not accessible
to the public.

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