Imperial & Dabman Internet Radio Backdoor

An undocumented telnet backdoor was found in a popular radio player

Telestar logo


The German technology company Telestar-Digital is a
popular producer of Internet radios. A backdoor was found and exploited in the devices by using
the open source tools nmap and ncrack.

Nmap logo

The vulnerability has been given the CVE’s of CVE-2019-13473 and CVE-2019-13474.

Proof of concept

The default username’s and password’s where:

  • root / password
  • usb / winbond

The system runs an embedded linux kernel which is very common among IoT devices.

OS: CC: (GNU) 3.3.2 20031005 (Debian prerelease)GCC: (GNU) 4.2.1GCC: (GNU) 4.2.1GCC: (GNU) 4.2.1GCC:
(GNU) 4.2.1GCC: (GNU) 4.2.1GCC: (GNU) 3.3.2 20031005 (Debian prerelease)Aaeabi.shstrtab.init.text.fini.

Several actions can be performed without authentication:

Change the logo:

curl -XGET http://iphere/mylogo?url=

Download a file:

curl -XGET http://iphere/LocalPlay?url=

This vulnerability and backdoor is most likely to be used in bigger automated
attacks such as the Mirai botnet.

External links:
Vulnerability labs article
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