ChalmersCTF with Michael Dubell

ChalmersCTF with Michael Dubell

ChalmersCTF with Michael Dubell

In this episode of Security Headlines, we are joined by Michael Dubell who co-founded Sweden’s first student security
capture the flag team. What is capture the flag and how do you play it? How can you into hacking through the doors of playing
ctf’s? Michael started playing around with security as a teenager and the journey led him the capture the flag team, known
as “ChalmersCTF”. Today, Michael is working with security during the day, and during the night he is developing the soon to
be released “bountrystrike”(which you can find on tool.

Tune in as we talk about CTF, and a lot more!

In this episode we cover:

halo one online


war games

hacking on forums

hack this site

over the wire


chalmers CTF

how to start a “capture the flag” team

organizing capture the flag meetups

beginner ctfs

over the wire

the capture the flag scene in Sweden

over the wire

whitebox pentesting

bug bounties

automating scanning and automating bug bounties

vulnerability management

finding bugs in bug bounty programs