Security Headlines with Jonas Lejon

Security Headlines with Jonas Lejon

Security Headlines with Jonas Lejon

Jonas Lejon is an amazing mind in the Swedish security world. A
great entrepreneur, hacker, and security-expert!
We had the pleasure of talking with him in this episode of Security Headlines.

he wanted to specialize in security so he packed his bag and headed over
to the capital city to work more in-dept with security. He wanted to
go deeper and deeper, so spent his extra hours learning the assembly programming and getting into the low-level brain of the computer system. He managed
to land a job working for the Swedish version of NSA.

Jonas now runs his own company called “Triop” and has a lot of fun side
projects that we dig into.

Tune in here:

In this episode we also cover:

Micro blogging

building search engines

bloggz dot se

Getting over 20K users within a few weeks

Twitter in the early days

Building Sweden’s biggest micro-blogging platform

testing in production

WordPress Security

bug bounties

Finding security holes in Zoom

writing about encryption and security


Hacking Bluetooth


the swedish top level domains .se and .nu

the internet in Sweden



enumerating existing users based on validation time

updated, security by default systems

network logging


leaving python 2

Customizing Kali linux

Time-of-check to time-of-use attacks

writing exploits