Security Headlines with Eijah

Security Headlines with Eijah

Security Headlines with Eijah


In this episode we are Joined by the developer, hacker and Code Siren founder Eijah. We walk down a road of 2 hours of honest conversation about Development, Morals,
working with Mcafee, Hacking, Motivation, Mental Health, Security and a lot more!

Relax, Tune in and enjoy this episode of Security Headlines:

Eija, an advocate for privacy and individual rights, quit a well paid job at rockstar games to start on a
journey pursuing what he loved. He went on a journey with the goal of creating technology that
enhance personal-liberty and freedom. The journey has had its bumps in the road but he as continued
marching forward, despite various problems. Today, Eijah runs a software company called CodeSiren. Working on revolutionary technology.

In this episode we cover:

hacker spirit, engineer, tinkerer

C++, Java

Max payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, grand theft auto 5

programming for the love of it

game developer,

Working at rockstar, life at rockstar

life as a developer

hacking blueray and finding the blueray device keys

Large code bases, code maintenance, clean modular code

your code is your documentation

Xbox360 vs Playstation 3

The failures of VPN companies, selling people’s private companies.

Drinking pints in Edinburgh

Starting and developing demonsaw

file sharing


traffic obfuscation and traffic subterfuge, bypassing deep packet inspection

great firewall of china





John Mcafee

Being a senior programmer

“My greatness stems from not having achieved what I am here to achieve” - Eijah