Tokio special with Carl Lerche

Tokio special with Carl Lerche

podcast Tokio special with Carl Lerche


In this podcast episode of Security Headlines: Carl Lerche, Rust developer and
maintainer of the popular Rust programming library Tokio joins us.
He walks us through what Rust and Tokio is, how companies are building their stacks with Rust.
This and a lot more on this episode of Security Headlines!

Tune in and listen here:

Carl heard about this new programming language called Rust and wanted to check it out. What started as a hobby project led Carl down the rust path and he now works for Amazon as a
Rust developer! Helping Amazon build stable infrastructure.

We get to hear the story of how Tokio got started and how the Rust programming language has changed
over the years.
Since a large chunk of Tokio code is focusing on making it easy for developers to write asynchronous functions.
And be able to write fast code that does not get stuck and lets the data flow.
But how does non-blocking code really work? What differs Rust from the programming language Golang is
Golangs, adoption of green threads instead of using regular threads.
Carl walks us through how this works and how Rust tackles this problem “the Rust way”.

Do you want to build reliable network services with Rust?
Then Tokio is something you should check out, try out the new 0.3 release here:

In this episode we also cover:

slowing down syscalls to protect against Spectre

async syscalls with io-uring

building high-performance systems with non-blocking sockets

writing code without syscalls

getting started with Tokio

async operating system api’s

how to start coding with tokio