FreeNas Podcast special

FreeNAS security headlines podcast

“To start, you just need an idea: Skills are not important because you will learn them”
– Olivier Cochard-LabbĂ©


In this episode, we are all about FreeNas, the world’s largest NAS system, running FreeBSD as its base.
The founder of FreeNas Olivier joins us, walking us throw how FreeNas started and how the system
has grown since its start in 2005. The conversation takes us through the jungle of FreeNas and we end up landing in Netflix’s land of FreeBSD adoption and Olivier’s latest project the BSD router project.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of Security Headlines.

We are back with another episode in the BSD theme episode!
In this podcast episode, we are talking about FreeNAS, the worlds biggest Network-attached storage(NAS)
operating system.
And we of course have the founder of FreeNAS with us, Olivier Cochard-Labbé!

Olivier started FreeNAS in 2005, with not a lot of knowledge on how to do it but with a determintation
of creating a multimedia system that he could use.
He wanted something small so he tried to compile
busybox but failed, he kept on trying and ran into FreeBSD!

He named the system FreeNAS and the first month he was able to get a bit over a thousand downloads, which is very impressive for a new project.
The project grow and grow and it attracted a big community taking up to much of Olivier’s time.
This became harder and harder, Especially when you have a family and a full-time
job and other hobbies to attend.
Olivier was getting more and more to do as the project became bigger. One particular example of this
that he brings up is a security bug that was very severe and of course filed on a Friday. The security hole was a critical one, FreeNAS allowed root console access from the web interface
without requiring authentication.
The company iXsystems offered to allocate some developers to work on FreeNAS and Olivier
handed over the FreeNAS project to them with the requirement that it shall remain free and opensource!

Olivier is currently working for Netflix, helping them stream movies to the world using
the raw power from the FreeBSD operating system that runs Netflix’s Content Delivery Network.

Join us as we jump into the wonders of FreeNAS, the BSD router project, and a lot more!

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