Security Headlines dpaste Podcast special

Security Headlines dpaste Podcast special

dpaste pastebin service

In this episode of Security Headlines we deep dive into the pastebin site
with its founder, the Django veteran Paul Bissex.

Dpaste is a pastebin service created in 2006 as Paul’s first Django
project. The website has been running stable ever since, growing more and more
as time goes by resulting in being Django’s default paste service.

Paul learned computer programming by copying programs from computer
magazines, he then moved on to creating games and selling them by mail
as many did in the earlier days of personal computing.

Ever since then Paul kept the interests of development and
innovative problem-solving.

As an active community member in various irc channels on Freenode, he
quickly joined the django irc channel in the projects’ early days.
And he has happily been running Django ever since.

Today Paul works at a startup accelerator where his django knowledge is put into
good pratice, developing the platform that coordinates a large amount of people throw the
acceleration process.
Using Django, Python, ReactJS, Docker and Amazon the team is able to build a platform
connecting 10,000 industry experts, 25,000 startups, and 60,000 entrepreneurs.

We got to hear Pauls story on why he created dpaste and how the Django
community has been growing over the years.

Some important key points that we talked about:
* Running python in production
* The start of django
* The success of django
* Upgrading Python2 to Python3
* Keeping track of python dependencies
* Going from php to python
* Working with django
* Early 2000 webb development
* Python’s community
* Pyramid, soap
* Django released in 2005
* Switching from Freebsd to Python anywhere
* Importance of documentation
* Niklaus Wirth
* modula 2
* trs 80, 8 bit computing
* Django’s culture
* Liberation from php
* Serving 40 million requests a day with django
* The freenode community
* Blacklisting django spam
* Caching web apps
* Python Virtualenv

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