Wordpress and Joomla Scanner

We are live with a new wordpress scanner!

Firo Solutions online security wordpress scanner

We are finally live with our one click scan a site and import it to watchers.firosolutions.com scanner!
Wordpress and Joomla security is rough and we want to make it easy for everyone.
Making wordpress secure is a pain in the ass so lets make it easy.
A feature we get asked for a lot is one that just is “enter a domain name
and auto import” so why not :) the wordpress and joomla scanners is finally
live so it makes it very easy to get emailed when a security vulnerability is
affecting either your wordpress or joomla site!
We first created one for wordpress which will automatically find your wordpress
sites version number and plugins:

Firo Solutions online security wordpress scanner result The scanner is also nice if you want to get a quick overview of your plugins
latest versions and your wordpress version.

Firo Solutions online security wordpress scanner import site

We also added a one click import function so when a new update gets released that
is affecting your site you get an email from us :)
Easy peasy :)
While going at it we also added a Joomla scanner:

Firo Solutions online security Joomla scanner

Both the scanners are free to use if you need to validate your site
or check your versions.

Wordpress Scanner
Joomla Scanner