Rust Cargo.toml Scanner Cargo.toml scanner is a online analyzer for Rust programming Cargo.toml files.
It Will analyze your Cargo.toml and find bad versions and vulnerabilities to that
affect you and by importing it to it will notify you by email.

We have analyzed some public Cargo.toml’s we found on github and an interesting
one is that the popular online game was using an out of date version of the Rust
crate prost and we notified the maintainer resulting in a update of the Cargo.toml
file in the git commit:

And we simply just found this by copy and pasting the url to the raw Cargo.toml
Easy peasy!

The motivation behind this:

  • Have an easy to use web version version of cargo audit
    We wanted to be able to just paste in a Cargo.toml file and have the page validate it.

  • Integrate our api in to a cool tool to give back to the rust community
    That we love rust is not secret so we wanted to give back to the rust community.

  • One click import for email notifications
    We added support for easily importing the Cargo.toml file in to our system so that
    we can notify the end user about important changes in the files.

We ended up building a nice tool where you can copy a link to a cargo.toml file
and just copy the result link and send in order to show the problems in the file.
Much like a pastebin like service.

Current features:

  • Check versions

  • Check for vulnerabilities in the dependencies and display them much like cargo audit

  • Paste Cargo.toml file or just give url

  • Share your result easily

  • One click to get email notifications about changes that affect you

If you have feature requests we are more then happy to listen.
You can shoot them at our @ info email.