Firo Solutions comes to Slack

We are live on slack

Firo Solutions on slack

A year ago we created a slack bot but we where never happy with it.
So we spent some time in the workshop and created a new one, as a very lightway version
of our web interface.
We also have an irc bot, but people can make whatever bot they want with our api.
The api is really becomming better and better and happily runs


Firo Solutions slack bot options


Import api key


List the name of my watchers


Mark all vulnerabilities as solved


List amount of solved and unsolved vulnerabilities per watcher


Nice easteregg we added where you can search for vulnerabilities


So we wanted it to make it as easy as possible so all you need is your api key.
And then to load the apikey you just type /loadapikey followed by your api key.
You can find your api key over at
we also added a nice button on the /profile page so with one click of a button
you can install the bot in to your slack space.

Add to Slack


slack rss subscribe

Did you know you can import rss feeds in to slack?
well we did not know that :)

/feed subscribe
/feed subscribe

Build your own bots with our api: