Lightning Release

Our lightning release is now live!

Firo Solutions lightning release


We have released a new release that is improving
the speed in our vulnerability management web interface a lot.
As well as removing duplicate vulnerabilities
on focusing more on quality.
You can check it out your self at:

New features

Faster Web interface

We are happy to go live with the new blazing fast
lightning release which is making our system better and
gives the end user time to do other things then wait for
pages to load.

Faster Watcher indexing

Some people complained that the watcher data took to long
time to load and we always love to hear from our users and
we acted, we think, we analyze, we love and we adapt to what
our users think.

Faster sign in

We was able to make the sign-ins faster so you can spend more time
on other things.

More vulnerabilities indexed

Our parsing of vulnerabilities is something that we improve on weekly
which is resulting in us being able to provide a better and better service
for the end user. Which is something we are very happy for.

Unique vulnerabilities only added — No more duplicates

Due to the large volume of vulnerabilities that we take in
we end up with a lot of duplicates which is not so nice to have.
So we have implemented a anti duplicated feature which has started to work
really nicely.

Release info being shown when mouse hovering over release name

After getting several questions one what the text in the right corner
was. We decided to add a feature, so when a user is hovering with its mouse
over the text it displays the current release information.

Affiliate marketing program is available for everyone and is linked from the dashboard

Since we are spending most of our time in the development parts
we welcome anyone to become and affiliate of us.
So if someone signs up using your link we will send you 20% of what the user

You can also track how many people have signed up using your links and so on.