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Firo comes to github with rust repositories!

Firo Solutions github rust

Continuous vulnerability notification is our thing and now we are on github!


We have created a github application that when installed
will automatically scan your Rust repositories for vulnerabilities in your programming libraries.

To have a secure systems, means being aware what your current
threats are and this is where we come in.
Now with our new tool, the latest threats that your application
is facing will be automatically assigned to your development team by simple installing our github application.

This is brand new feature that we have and is open for everyone to use on your github hosted Rust repositories


Rust is a relatively new programming language that tries to establish the Trifecta - Speed, Safety and Concurrency.
Developed and created by Mozilla.
If you are not a Rust programmer we recommend that your head over to
We also recommend that you check out Rust By Example.
Rust is most known of being a Memory safe programming language.

Try the github application

  • Step one

Sign in to github

Github log in
  • Step two

Install our github app using this link:

beta vulnerability notify github app
  • Step three

Keep track of your Rust repositories We will automatically create a issue once we have found a vulnerable library.

github rust repository issues

View our test repo
Github application Rust benchmarks

For more ideas head over to our API documentation