Protecting wordpress with Firo

Vulnerability Management for Wordpress sites

Use Firo for keeping track of Wordpress Vulnerabilities


We have published several video’s demonstrating how it is like to use our
platform to keep track of wordpress vulnerabilities that affect your
wordpress instance. This is an example on how you can use our system with Wordpress to easy handle vulnerabilities.

Step by step guide:

Sign up and grab an account

Confirm account

To know that it is a legitimate email address we ask you to verify it

Add a watcher

Create your profile based on what you need

Receive alerts in real time!

We will send you an email once a vulnerability gets released that match your profile

Login and view your watcher

View vulnerabilities that affect your system and mark them
as solved once done

All in one

If you want it all in one video we got that for you as well

We asked some of our users for some feedback to share

We first heard about the people behind Firo from our
common friends. We basically have heard they are a bunch
of nerds that are very good at what they do.
Coming from a non-technical background I did not really 
understand what they did at first. 
But they have helped us understand and patch several
security flaws, they are very helpful if you 
contact the support and almost every time 
you will hear back from a technician that help you if help is needed. 
We recommend that you try them out!

From Hanna - Head of pr and blogging in a smaller company

We use to keep our
drupal site clean and fresh. 
We where able to patch some nasty 
security vulnerabilities that our 
friends where not so fast on patching...

So we stay with them because they deliver an easy and 
cost affordable solution for us.

From Oscar - CEO of a mid sized ecommerce company

Our platform
Firo Solutions on youtube