Second Release

Second Release

This our third release that we named “Second release” it involves
several larger performance enhancements and a bunch of cool new features.

The main new additions are the following:

  • cifiro - Our new opensource tool avaliable on github

  • Several improvements to our api with new endpoints such as:
    /latestcms - Returns the latest version of a user defined cms.
    /timesearch - Let’s you search within a time frame.
    /rustlibs - Search for vulnerabilities in rust libraries.
    /nodejslibs - Search for vulnerabilities in rust libraries.

for full documentation go to .

  • - has several improvements, it now detects the current version and matches it with the latest one.

  • Estimate - Search for several vulnerabilities and the result will be nicely displayed in a graph. this is a expiremental feature that we might remove or keep depending on feedback from you. This feature you will find at

    This will let you bulk search for vulnerabilities with a nice displaying chart

Enter a list of items to search for:
Firo Solutions exploit search

A nice interactive graph is gennerated based on what it found:
Firo Solutions exploit display

You can read a short summary of what has been found:
Firo Solutions exploit summary

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